Speakers + Entertainment

Musical Guest

Too Lazy Boys

We could not be more excited to have Too Lazy Boys be a part of the first-ever Hudson Valley Hemp Day celebration and help set the mood for an amazing weekend.

Their music is rooted in and inspired by the deepest rhythms and sounds of Americana, Blues, Swing, Bluegrass, and much, much more. They create stories and songs molded out of the very mud and clay of the land. Funk, rock, and psychedelia also find their way into the music of Too Lazy Boys, as they’re always trying to find ways to breathe new life into old bones.

Come explore, celebrate, and surround yourself with hemp, live music, and delectable food for an unforgettable weekend.

Entertainment Guest

Michael O'Malley

Michael O’Malley is the founder of Curved Papers and a long-time champion of legal cannabis. An architecture graduate of MIT, and a software developer and designer, Michael has an extensive career in innovation, media, technology, and business consulting. Now he has created unique patented rolling papers that are easier to roll than any other.

Curved Papers are easy to roll because they have a curved edge. This makes it easy to roll straight up every time without the corners getting caught, solving the hard part of roll-your-own (RYO).

Curved Papers also makes NORML Curved Papers, 100% organic hemp papers that support The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). The historic advocacy of NORML has led the cannabis legalization movement for fifty years.

Michael will be hanging with us Saturday, rolling up some absolutely delectable joints with his fabulous hemp papers. Come ask him any questions you may have about rolling joints, the cannabis movement, creating your own cannabis business, and/or anything marijuana and hemp!

Hemp Day Speaker Line-UP

Cannabis + Business Panel // 11-12

Medical Panel // 1-2

Women in Cannabis Panel // 3-5

Cannabis + Business Panelist

Rob Rinderman

Rob has close to 40 years of Wall Street experience including strategic consulting, advisory, corporate communications, business development, investment banking and mentoring to dozens of public and several hundred private companies. His previous banking firm co-hosted the first-ever Cannabiz Conference at the OTC Markets HQ in 2019, featuring a dozen publicly traded companies and industry-related panels. Rob is Co-Founder of CannaCAD NY and SmarTwin. He is Founder/President of SMC Consulting, overseeing investor communications for CanaQuest, a Canadian cannabinoid company, business development Curved Papers, a leading roll-your-own rolling paper, and he has written multiple times about the cannabis industry as a freelance journalist.

Cannabis + Business Panelist

Ken D’Amato

Ken, engineer by education, has a broad background in new building and operations technologies across domains and markets. Ken  has spent most of his 20 year career communicating technical concepts to those outside of the R&D world, and building support for system-level approaches to modeling and simulation. Realizing Digital Twin could help the Cannabis Industry Ken has advocated its use for improving critical operations for better outcomes.

Cannabis + Business Panelist

Matthew G. Miller

Matt is one of the few true subject matter experts when it comes to the intersection of intellectual property law, cannabis, and hemp. Matt represents clients across the country and has spoken at industry conventions such as NECANN and CannaCon several times, as well as at scholarly events including the very first (and second) hemp events at Rutgers University. Additionally, he continues to instruct others on what types of federal and state protections can (or cannot) be obtained by his clients, and regularly provides strategic guidance for how to craft and monetize an IP portfolio.

Medical Panel Speaker

Dr. Robin Rose

Bio: A double board-certified specialist in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, specializing in functional medicine. She is the founder and CEO of Terrain Health where she practices next-generation medicine, integrating systems biology with an innovative approach that requires a deep understanding of each person’s biochemical, genetic, and lifestyle factors. Her foundational test measures your Bio Age, revealing how old your body is behaving physiologically & the actual age of your cells, which is quite different from your chronological age. She utilizes cutting-edge healthcare technologies to optimize the health trajectory of individual patients.

Women in Cannabis Panelist

Jenny Argie

Bio: Jenny Argie is the Founder and CEO of Jenny’s BAKED at home–– A New York licensed CBD grower, processor and retail brand. She’s is a cancer survivor, mother of three, and plant-based educator. Jenny’s BAKED at home infuses full-spectrum, organic, non-GMO, USA grown hemp into their products. Their hemp is third-party lab tested to ensure potency and purity. Jenny Argie, Founder and CEO, turned to CBD for relief from the side effects of cancer treatment and uses plant-based food to prevent disease. “I believe it’s important to address the underlying cause of disease. My goal is to make it easier for people to incorporate hemp and plant-based food into their lives,” she says. 

Jenny’s BAKED at home offers organic, full-spectrum CBD-infused products for everyday cooking and wellness. Their products make it easy to incorporate high-quality hemp into everyday cooking.

Women in Cannabis Panelist

Kaelyn Nicks and Julie Spizzirri

Female Founders of JADED CBD, Julie Spizzirri and Kaelyn Nicks are on a mission to disrupt the male-dominated, $61 billion cannabis industry. Both coming from an extensive background in the innovative CPG industry, they are no strangers to scaling billion-dollar brands and portfolios. With anxiety levels skyrocketing to all-time highs, they have identified a breakthrough approach to helping people deal with their everyday stresses through the plant-based benefits of cannabis. Based in NYC, JADED CBD is an elevated wellness brand built to defy stigmas and empower a world more equitable for all. All products are intentionally formulated to be safe, effective, and high-quality (without the “high”). JADED donates 5% of all profits to organizations that empower women and drive meaningful systemic change. 

Women in Cannabis Panelist

Liz Robinson

Liz Robinson is the COO and Co-Owner of The Gift, a natural health and wellness company, The Garden International, an agriculture innovation company, and One Band, focused on innovations in fitness. She is a passionate advocate for cannabis, hemp, and plant-based healing – especially whole plant medicine that captures all the plant’s natural compounds. She puts love and compassion into all her creations and accepts no compromises when it comes to quality and integrity. Liz brings her background in accounting and finance for Marriott Corporate HQ and auditing for The Army and large nonprofits to all her endeavors and values learning from others and sharing her experience with entrepreneurs and growing businesses, helping them to thrive. 

Women in Cannabis Panelist

Miram Novalle

Founded in 1992 by CEO Miriam Novalle, the T Salon has created an awareness in the tea drinking community which has spread throughout our culture by introducing the traditional rituals of tea drinking to the American market. Dubbed a “Tea Guru” by the New York Times, Novalle has used her experience as an entrepreneur and a self-taught nose to create hundreds of harmonious natural blends under her company. Prior to her contributions in the world of tea, Miriam Novalle had been a part of other successful business ventures including the launch of world famous fragrance “Listen”, for the Herb Alpert company. T Salon has revolutionized the tea industry with its continuous growing vision of eco-friendly business practices embracing the “green way” of life. This has been done through culturally aware business practices as well as the use of sustainable packaging. In 2016 Miriam’s creativity lead to the development of “High Tea”, a new line of wellness teas containing hemp CBD. Organic hemp CBD, derived from the leaves and buds of the hemp plant contains omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, vitamins and chlorophyll. Studies have shown the effectiveness that CBD has on the body as it interacts with receptors. Helping relieve the simplest discomforts such as sleep loss to fighting off the effects of cancer therapy. Evidence suggests that cannabinoids (CBD) may prove useful in pain modulation by inhibiting neuronal transmission in pain pathways. And our customers have confirmed it! CBD is known to relieve pain without psychoactive effects making it an appealing remedy.

Cannabis Doctors of New York

Kenneth R. Weinberg

Kenneth R. Weinberg is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine and Registered Medical
Marijuana physician. After finishing a residency in Internal Medicine at LA County-USC Medical Center, Dr. Weinberg did a Fellowship in Psychoneuroimmunology and trained in Emergency Medicine at Bellevue Hospital. He has practiced Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine for over three decades.

When New York State’s Compassionate Care Act was passed in January of 2016 he founded
Cannabis Doctors of New York. The practice, which is based in New York City and Upstate
(now largely through telemedicine), certifies patients, educates the public and advocates for the many benefits of medical marijuana. Dr. Weinberg has treated hundreds of patients with diseases across the spectrum of the thirteen conditions currently deemed eligible by New York State. He is a cannabis advocate and an emerging thought leader who has lectured on the benefits of cannabis throughout the state, met with elected officials to promote it’s use and been featured in various publications, radio and TV.

President at GreenCELL™

Dan Watkins

Dan @NJ.Hemp.Farmer Watkins, is a 25 year International Bank, Farm and International Capital Markets retired Senior Executive. Dan is a 4th generation combat veteran (Naval Special Warfare), who studied biology at Coastal Carolina University, before entering the financial advisory space at the turn of the millennia.

After a pedigree career with global organizations such as Nasdaq, Reuters and Moody’s rating tens of thousands of publicly traded companies, and providing business intelligence on millions, whilst helping governments on several continents with compliance and risk mitigation, he saw how the farmer and the ability to farm were in need of advancement. Dan retired in 2018 from farm banking and entered the New Jersey Cannabis program as the first Hemp Farm Company “SOLCELL CBD”

In 2020 Dan started GreenCELL who’s General Counsel and Chairman, Edward N. Tobias, Esq. was successful in securing one of, if not the very first federal cannabis permits in US History in the USDA NJ Hemp program #34_001. He looks after all aspects of a farm and it’s businesses from market positioning, operations, compliance, product development revenues and investments. Dan is here to help give insight into the process for entrepreneurs, veterans, women in business and the biological advancements of plant based health for all life

Dan Watkins

Pharmacist, Dispensary Director of Downstate Region

Sang Choi, R. Ph.

Sang has over 20 years of experience practicing in specialty pharmacies focused on HIV and infectious diseases, oncology, transplants, compounding, and fertility. She received her degree from Long Island University College of Pharmacy and served as the Pharmacist-in-charge and manager of a specialty pharmacy counselling patients with complex drug regimens prior to working with Etain.

Through her extensive experience as a pharmacist, Sang brings strong competencies as a pharmacy manager and patient counselor to Etain. Sang prides herself on her ability to interact with patients, and believes in the importance of both high-quality medicine, education and committed counselling in providing compassionate care to the patients of New York State.

Sang Choi headshot

holistic health coach and bodyworker


Jessica has spent the last 23 years as a holistic health coach and bodyworker assisting people in becoming the healthiest version of themselves. She believes that in order to attain the health of our dreams—the sort that allows us to be our best and brightest selves—we must address the complete person, not just one aspect. Jessica works with high-performing, creative individuals who are feeling blocked to identify the blind spots that have been preventing them from reaching their goals in life.

Jessica is a firm believer that we can learn from all interactions. Even the most challenging ones are there to reveal aspects of ourselves to us if we listen and allow them to. That involves, first and foremost, our connection with our own health. To achieve long-term change, you must be equipped with knowledge. Jessica is available to assist you with these and other tasks. True, long-term transformation is a process. It will not happen quickly, but with good, intuitive leadership and care, it is possible.

Light, Consciousness, Truth

George H. Lewis

George H. Lewis is a healer, artist, and polymath. Based in New York City and the Catskills, his work focuses around his greatest passion: raising consciousness around the understanding that water carries consciousness.

“When I paint & photograph water I facilitate my own healing as it develops my empathy. We cannot hope to heal our oceans and rivers without first healing ourselves.”


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