Curved Papers

Curved Papers solve the classic RYO problem: with square papers, if you don’t keep your top and bottom edge parallel, your front corner doesn’t tuck. That’s what makes it tricky to Roll Your Own. That’s why you’re always having to fiddle around with the corners of traditional rectangular rolling papers, and why putting one of those papers into a single-cigarette rolling machine is so difficult.


Jenny's Baked at Home

With the CBD train in full locomotion, there’s much out there that can leave one bewildered and lost as to what direction to take.  You can lean on me.  I’m here to educate and offer guidance.  I’ve dedicated my life to this plant and to helping people access it’s benefits in a way that’s true to the individual. You are unique and so are your bodies CBD needs.

From our kitchen in Brooklyn, we’re on a quest to share the benefits of CBD & Plant-based Cooking. You deserve to feel good.


The Gift Wellness LLC

Plants Over Pills. We bring nature to the forefront of every wellness journey. Be it through relaxation and rejuvenation or beauty and grooming, balance is found in harmony with nature. WE ARE THE TRUTH IN NATURAL HEALTH ANDWELLNESS.

Natural solutions to everyday needs. Replace chemicals and pills with products that benefit the body and the planet.

Jaded CBD

CBD just got a whole lot tastier. Delicious & effective CBD to help you sleep more and stress less.

We built JADED to empower you, educate you, and help you look & feel your best every day. JADED donates 5% of all profits to organizations that empower women and drive meaningful systemic change.



CBD has had a remarkable impact on my body in that it allows me to combat my inflammation and myriad aches and pains without having to feel desperate and dependent on pills. It is an amazing feeling that I hope to share with the world.

We are willing to lab test every batch of our product to ensure accurate dosing information and efficacy.

As of right now, every batch of Purivex CBD Cream is handmade with the utmost care to provide a consistent and quality product to our consumers.


Nikkis Chickies

Nikki’s Chickies was established in 2016 by myself, Nicole, and my amazing husband Tyler. The idea was to offer fresh items to our local community here in Yuma, AZ.

From our farm to your table. Bringing you fresh products harvested right here on the farm, delivered right to your door step.

We grow and harvest jumbo medjool dates, and make a delicious date bread. All of our products and goods are made and packaged by hand, personally by Tyler and I. We also relocate bees to our small farm, please contact us for more information.


Ink & Ivy House of Beauty

We are a full service salon and spa dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint as well as offering the highest quality products in “clean” and organic hair care and skin care for our clients


Lash of The Week

We strive to create a line of products that extract your passion for the 420 community!

You’ll love how our luxury 3D & 5D Mink Lashes create the look and feel of your favorite strains. With 4 different high quality collections, we provide you with numerous options to choose from! No matter your THC level, we have the right style of lashes, cosmetics, beauty & fashion to match!





Superior Quality. Be picky, you deserve the best. Nutu moringa is in the center spoon. The superior quality is evident even in its appearance: an ultra-fine, vibrant green powder with no trace of stems.



K's European Jams

Born in Europe – Made In NYC. Handcrafted with love for you. Find your new flavor today.

K’s European Jams, a line of artisanal preserves, born in the Old World and re-imagined for today’s tastes. My love of jams was born in our big, country garden. Growing up in Germany and France, my grandmother and mother taught me their art of crafting preserves. Here in New York, I combine that expertise with local produce to create exceptional artisanal blends that let the fruit shine.



High Tea

Welcome To High Tea – The finest gourmet sustainable teas blended with organic hemp for those who wish to enjoy a healthy tea drinking experience. High Tea is Phyto Cannabinoid Rich, and contains no psychoactive THC.

“Allow High Tea to elevate your spirit” – Miriam Novalle, Founder and Creator

innovative cycling and adventure racing products


Wingnut is dedicated to providing the most innovative cycling and adventure racing products. Our hydration packs are hand built in the USA from light, waterproof sailcloth fabrics, and feature the Lowrider System for a custom fit and better balance.

We are constantly upgrading materials and designs based on your input. We also like to push boundaries and are currently involved in development of mobile solar powered trauma/medical stations

The Stash Bag Reimagined and Refined

Littlejohn New York

Our innovative 5 layer “scent-conceal” technology revolutionizes how smell-proof bags and pouches work to conceal the scent of anything placed inside. Each bag features:

  • Mesh layer allows odors to be absorbed into the carbon so they can be neutralized
  • Non-woven layer condenses carbon and maintains surface area
  • Activated carbon lining absorbs and neutralizes odors
  • Non-woven layer condenses carbon and maintains surface area
  • Durable protective padding forms a protective layer to keep what’s inside safe and secure
  • Leather air-tight seams, sewn with a high-stitch count, to help minimize air from escaping
  • Sealed rubber zippers preserve just the right balance of moisture, so your contents stay fresh

New York

High Falls Hemp

Elevate Your Wellness
Pure, potent and powerful products that give you control of your health & wellness naturally.

We take hemp from our farm and combine it with natural ingredients grown on our farm and our co-op partner farms to create an optimally effective range of wellness products for you. Our products are simple, natural, and only include essential beneficial ingredients to complement your needs.

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